Hello,I'm Valentine

I'm an interaction designer. I dissect complex problems, study users in their context and craft thoughtful experiences.

After 2 years in Shanghai, I'm now in Oslo where I build cool things for the workplace of the future at Cisco Norway.

Had a notoriously messy desk at: BYTON 🇨🇳, Creative Capital 🇨🇳, Sina Retail & Image 🇨🇳, and Naoned 🇫🇷.

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* What am I up to ?

In 2021 I moved to Norway and joined Cisco, where I work on the UX of their videoconferencing devices. In 2020, I've worked on the in-car welcome scenario and designed an interactive window concept for BYTON, Tesla's Chinese competitor. Before that I was designing retail experiences at Creative Capital, a renowned branding agency in Shanghai. I've also created and developed their entire website.
Also, 我正在学习中文。 现在我可以理解和说话了,我也可以读写一点。 我还可以开个玩笑!

Want to have a chat ? I'm always happy to discuss with cool people, send me an email~

I recently wrote a few articles :
· An essay on burn out syndrome and the cultural value of work, a topic I'm deeply passionate about
· An article I wrote with my friend Maëva Hémon about our experience at the Deutsche Telekom AI hackathon
· Another article I wrote about my 4 months as a UX design intern at Naoned, an archival software company
· A report on a user testing session I had the opportunity to carry out during this internship