Hello,I'm Valentine

I'm a junior interaction designer currently based in Shanghai, China and pursuing a Master's degree in intercultural design.
I like creating innovative services, solving weird problems, designing user interfaces, animations, and lots of other cool things. I’m fun to work with (I promise !)
Check my projects below

* What am I up to ?

I'm currently working for a retail design company, developing interactive design proposals, strengthening my graphic design skills by working on visual identity creation, illustrations and animations.
I'm also learning Chinese ! 我在学习中文,但是中文很难。不过我会说我最喜欢的颜色是什么 ! :)

I recently wrote a few articles :
· An essay on burn out syndrome and the cultural value of work, a topic I'm deeply passionate about
· An article I wrote with my friend Maëva Hémon about our experience at the Deutsche Telekom AI hackathon
· Another article I wrote about my 4-month as a UX design intern at Naoned, a software editor company
· A report on a user testing session I had the opportunity to carry out during this internship