About me

My name is Valentine, I'm a junior interaction designer currently based in Shanghai and pursuing a Master's degree in intercultural design.
10 years ago I began my design journey by crafting labyrinth puzzles (the ones with the metal ball) out of empty packagings and other waste materials. I remember improving them overtime by adding new platforms and obstacles, and ending up with a Frankenstein-looking toy.

Fortunately, I've since improved my skills, and I've learned to channel my creativity to develop meaningful projects. I grew up with a passion for finding solutions to real-life problems, and interaction design allows me to put this passion to good use.

In my spare time, you can find me playing videogames, reading about politics, or drawing badly proportionned characters.
I'm also involved in the Collectif 404, a student association organizing design-themed events, where I'm in charge of the communication and social media.