Fast & Tearious

Fast & Tearious is a fun game where you're using your balance to fly a real magic carpet. Navigate through the town and collect as many tea leaves as possible ! Built using Processing, Makey Makey, and a lot of duct tape during a 5-days workshop.

Role : Game design, environment design, 3D animation


In this game, you play as a young man who spent too much time at the bar with his friends and forgot to bring home the tea leaves his mother asked for.

Since you hate being scolded, you decide to rush home on your flying carpet and try to catch as many tea leaves as possible on the way. But beware of the shopkeepers, they might get angry and throw slippers to destabilize you !


A tilting saddle made of a curved chair back is hidden under an oriental carpet.
Navigate by leaning right or left on the carpet.


The saddle is connected to our computer with wires, duct tape and aluminium foil. The game runs on Processing and is linked to a PureData program for the audio feedback. The game is projected on the wall facing the carpet.


I designed and animated the graphics of the game using Illustrator and After Effects. I created building illustrations and converted them into 3D layers in AE to give a fake impression of depth.

Check out the project on Behance